Dr. Evelina Lopez-Anotonetty Children's Literacy Center

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

Each New York City Department of Education school is required to have a Parent Association or a Parent teacher Association (PA/PTA). All parents, step-parents, legally appointed guardians, foster parents and persons in parental relation are automatically members of their school’s PA/PTA.

For more information visit: https://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/FACE/ParentLeader/SchoolLeadership.htm

Cell Phone Policy

Beginning Monday, March 2, students will be able to bring their cell phones, computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems to school. Every school has established its own school-based cell phone policy. Students who bring a cell phone to school must use it only in accordance with their school’s cell phone rules. Parents and families should contact their principal or parent coordinator for information about their school’s specific cell phone use and confiscation policy. On February 25, the Panel for Educational Policy passed new Chancellor's Regulation A-413, which establishes student use of cell phones and electronic devices in school.

SourceL https://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/OSYD/default

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